Feb 18, 2011

Let´s vote!

Long time no see, sorry, been busy. And had no interest in writing to you. 

I fought against unknown enemy for 10 days but now I have good news; I can hold my shit again for more than 4 hours! Supposedly Al-Qaida is amazed how I survived from their cunningly executed attack which normally has efficiency rate above 95 %, and is planning to bomb my hall or to poison my daily muffin. This is what I could call real tactical warfare. Sadly in this first time opponent was just too strong for them. Next time Osama will leave me no chance.

But now I am happy again having lost four kilos of muscle mass. People don´t recognize me and keep´s asking: Who is this mysterious stranger? I tell them like Jesus told his disciples: ”Can´t you imbesils se-ee, it´s Me-ee – your master.”

This week´s theme is student activity in HKIEd. You know there is election all year round here in the institute. When one ends, another begins. Every time when the election begins (or continues endlessly) I am very confused what is the fuzz all about: what is the purpose for them to gather votes and go and tease people? When I go and ask nobody seems to know. What is your political stand? Who is your leader (can´t stand rivals)? What are your main political issues (better noodles in cantine? free library services? no more naked exchange students making silent statements? What?) Silence. At least those in the opposition reveal what is the main idea of making politics: it is all about having fun. Sounds like politics in Finland. And they deliver free pens. It is enough for me to sell my vote. But even if students are totally outsiders in their own political project what it comes to raised issues, they know how to put up a good show. All the parties have their own songs and brands. And when a group of ten people comes in front of your dorm in the morning to sing a serenade for their lovely supporters even a skeptic like me is convinced that there is something disturbing in political pretension.
Okay but students do also lots of things that can actually make a difference. They promote culture. Last week they performed a play which told a story about a female mass murderer. It was meant as a child´s play but there were also adults in the audience. I did not see in the end but I heard it was in many ways didactic. So this how cultural pedagogy is done here, impressive indeed. Now the student organizations are also preparing a singing contest which is very alike with Idols in Finland. People who actually don´t really understand what is their target in life try to become famous and get publicity. And all that they get is a bad self-esteem. Everyone cannot be an idol unfortunately, except Billy of course. Karaoke is actually very popular in Hong Kong and in my opinion Karaokebar is a place where devil makes her greatest attribution to humans. And if singing is not bad enough there is also held events where you can show your dancing talents. For me they already said that I could not join because I would create hysteria those in the audience. Understandable but racist.
And then there is election, no...that I mentioned already. 

Also the different sports organizations are very (hyper)active. When you decide that football would be perfect choice to improve the quality of your present student life – think again. The men´s football team practices four times a week three hours per each session. That I could call devotion and outstanding managing. I would understand if they would play in such a level that players need to train like professionals, but no. No ambition or high standard competition. Of course this argument is only based on rumours. It has nothing to do with the fact that i rejected from the team. But anyway, sports is overestimated way to spend your precious time on this planet. Better way is to do science, like I have done already for three days. But this is a secret, as secret as Victoria´s.

Next time I will tell you how I broke the law and nearly got caught. Missing you already <3


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  1. Hei, seikkailija! Viettelen talvilomaani Unkarissa ja olen lukenut blogiasi táállá ááneen..on heráttányt hilpeyttá ja ylpeyttá. :)Heidán mielestáán sun pitáis tarjota tekstiási jollekin jenkkiláiselle kustantamolle. Joten, Carry on brother!

    Halein, K