Apr 9, 2011

Visiting God of Fertility


Im about to start my journey over South-East Asia and other parts of this lovely continent colonized by European powers not so long ago. Now this area is conquered by Multinational Companies and their finest discoveries in the field of coffee, fast-food, clothing, banking, law, investing, housing, transportation etc. No matter where you go you are under the influence of heavyweight Brands. Starbucks here, Starbucks there - Starbucks everywhere. Even the Chinese have understood that Multinationals are the key to success. Fuck the Human Rights! We have Big Mac (with Chinese modification where beef has been replaced with bean curd, lettuce with tealeaves and burger roll with a traditional bun) and famous ”freedom fries”! Well in China people can at least eat these fries without getting jailed, albeit mentioning ”freedom fries” can cause you to be interrogated and sent to prison due to reasonable doubt that you have committed ”an economical crime” against humanity, the people of China and the CCP. 

From 100 the most economically influential and wealthiest units 52 too are Multinationals, states and countries included. This gives us a certain perspective why it is justified to say that hand that feds us, tailor that dresses us, banker that provides monetary credibility to us, law that protects us, carpenter that gives shelter to us and vehicle that carries us around are all false creations based on guarantees, promises and hopes that cannot be submitted in a manner of ethical decorum. Hong Kong is maybe the worst place to live if we want to avoid impressions of global homogenization of products and lifestyles. As all my friends keep telling in Hong Kong ”there is not much to do besides shopping”. Well, after a while this opinion gives rise to disgust and loathing of daily comforts. You start to see the famous Repulse Bay as a beach to spend a repulse day. Avenue of Stars becomes Avenue of Farts, Ladies Market is Jerks target and the Peak turns gradually into place where to take a leak. Well, anyway, I like Hong Kong a lot, but it reminds me of the inequalities of the world more and more every day.

Next Thursday I will sweep the dust of Hong Kong out my feet and leave to Thailand.
Thailand is the Canary Islands of the Far-East. Even from Finland people can get cheap tickets and fly there to experience real feeling and atmosphere of exotic orient. This real feeling can be explained through few important factors which include: sex, hop and sunbath. Atmosphere as a dimension contains also three components: beaches, the jungle and the barlife. Before I left Finland I read an article which gave an insight of the tourism in Thailand. The articles perspective was focused on middleaged and relatively young Finnish malebeings. So usually desperate househusbands or bachelors pack their bags and leave to Thailand to find happiness – and an under-aged companion. Okay, this is twisted and sick, but also tells how even love has changed from challenges of facing genuine emotional stress and unstability to a mechanism of fast-love driven by money, nai´ive eagerness and self-delusion. 

I go to Thailand for different reasons. I will go and meet my manager, Mikko Koivisto, who has managed to create a small religious phenomenon amidst the locals; they have started to pray Mikko as a god of fertility. I need to go and see for myself if this is actually true. In Thailand you can also enjoy the warmth of beaches and elephants. Now it is a good season to visit due to the heavy rains. I might even get evacuated if lucky. I know that with Mikko I can also be persuaded to drink beer. Hopefully this won´t happen so that I could proceed my important groundwork as an antropologist and a researcher of mysterious fertility cults.   

I watched last week a Woody Allen film "Everything you always wanted to know about sex * But were afraid to ask". I think that Mikko can hopefully enlighten me in these issues further. One of the figures in Allen's film falls in love with a sheep and ends up losing all. Hopefully Mikko has done wider experiments with the elephants than Dr. Ross did with his Daisy. Please excuse me, clock is already past one....


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