Apr 1, 2011

Vanishing Point


Days of hard labour are diminishing and mood is becoming sunny. Today I opened my beach season officially with a BBQ-dinner with three Northern-Irish bastards and two German speaking Wurst Freund in a lovely atmosphere of Clear Water Bay. When we arrived at the scene there were horde of local youngsters having a some kind of conspiracy meeting against the elderly. They had dumbed their thrash all over and were speaking in harsh manner about taking over the whole beach. After a while we witnessed how this mob buried one of their members alive in the sand. Well, at least they understood not to mess with the Irish, who took their leaders under a strict command, and so they had to take pictures of us when we asked to and gave away their camping supplies. To a Finn it was nearly impossible to comprehend how these gangsters were still sober on a friday evening 1700. In my country the young people tend to terrorize the innocent by first drinking themselves to a state of foolishness and then acting accordingly. Last week I read that now they have come up a way to get a more efficient hop by sticking a tampoon in their ass. Well, U cannot go below that in stupidity.

Sausage Lovers from Germany proved out to be excellent firestarters, so next time I will ask them to join me when I go burn down churches in Norway. I also learned that all countries to the east of Austria are poor and their people deserve only to be cleaners for Austrian households. The Irish kept saying the same about their lovely country, but it seems that they haven't heard that after England comes also other countries. They have thought that EU means a trade union between the Irish and the Brits. But at least they have rugby, a sport which tries to be more than football but succeeds in being less than handball.

Last night I was took part in song competition. Sadly i wasn't a competitor but a normal spectator. The competition showed me once again why it is necessary for the Finns to exist. All the songs were about love, I suspect. But as we all know Love doesn't have to be sentimentally blaah. Song about love can also tell about eating children, or drinking blood from another man's skull, or killing pigs with a screwdriver. This seems to be totally forgotten aspect of Love in the ensemble of Hong Kong music. In Finland we can at least express through mentally engaging songs how love can show itself in different forms, others than relationships between a boy and a girl which we all know will end in tears and feeling of betrayal. Love is everywhere, no matter if u are a necrofilic, or a boy with three arms, or a werefolf, yuo are still entitled to love and be loved. Maybe these issues are too hard for a Hong Kong music-makers to handle. We In Finland have many artists who have come out and said, ”Hey, hear me out! I wanna tell u a love story between a donkey and an old farmer.” At least in Northern Ireland they sing songs like this, it is a part of their natural heritage. Okay, but the competition was fair. Ok, actually I don't know if it was because nobody seemed to have won. After the last performance the stage was occupied by a group of badly dressed Hobos from mystic alleys of Oz. One of them was a replica of Johnny Depp and another reminded me of a zombie from George Romeros Night of The Living Dead. When they came out behind the curtains audience gave them applaudes I would get everyday just by entering the student cantine. But they played quite well, have to give them credit, even though the lead singer was smiling too much.

4/5 is the balance at the moment. One more to go. Final case is an essay about a multiproblematic boy. So I can write a biography of Gaddafi or John Travolta, who still thinks that humans derive from species out of space. Well I truly hope that this is the case with some nationalities. It would explain so many things for example ”Why we need to study Swedish in our schools?, or why Hong Kongers eat cow's stomach in the mornings?, or Why Northern-Irish play rugby? Or Why Americans think that Finland is a place where Peter Pan flew with Tinkerbell Fairy?

Anyway, I am already near the finishline. After this last assignment I will close the semester and start my holiday. Hopefully everything goes well and I can find out what is causing this boy to behave irrationally. Thank God that he has my sanity to rely on.  


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