Mar 7, 2011

Lost and Found

Tuhannen tulimmaista.

Okey, my next mission is to conquer China. My Roommate already asked me to join with him to a 24 hour massage adventure in Shenzen. He says that it should have an happy ending. Who would prefer otherwise, I wonder. Hopefully there is a masseuse too. Today I also bribed my Buddies with Finnish chocolate to do my laundry and write my assignments for this semester. They had to write official agreements with little print telling that no complaints would be handled. This is Chinese Democracy I say. You can do magic only with 4 bars of chocolate. Next time I will bribe the Mayor with three boxes of traditional Mämmi. Who needs dollars anymore?

I lost my student yesterday, or actually it has been found already. Now I have two official documents proving that I am a part of this great community. But the officials showed true effiency today. 9.37 I went to report my loss and re-issue a new card. 11.17 new card arrived. Two hours in Hong Kong is equivalent to two weeks in Finland. And you still wonder why China is attracting major global companies with irresistable benefits. But next time I will try what happens if I leave my passport photo in a public space unguarded. So I have some empirical evidence to back up my theory about men who suffer because of their good looks.

On saturday I was in Macao which is with Las Vegas the world´s worst place to visit if you are broke. At least now I know why the portuguese are suffering from burdensome poverty. They should have kept Macao as their national treasury. Well it also shows that Portugal has little or no sense of economic comprehension. 33 Casinos means lots of money and lots of bad architecture.
Casino buildings are all build by King Midas or by some fake greek visionary. But at least they offer something for everyone. The whole family can go and play: men in tables and wifes with children in McDonalds. But for me Macao was all about portuguese food. I did not even know that fishsoup was originally founded in Portugal.

I also visited the Macao Museum. All museums here are beautifully constructed. They have´made replicas out of every situation in their history. So even Macao was able to fill two rooms. In Hong Kong Museum of History people are led into a belief that Hong Kong was an evolutionary miracle.
In Finland people were born out of Swedes. So we share the same thinking in some parts. I participated also in exhibition telling about 1911 revolution in China. There were mainly old people present and I felt myself like a foreign spy. But China is a good example how a country can release itself from opression just to be opressed again within the same century. But some times these things can happen unnoticed. In Finland people were one time poor and became rich and now they are poor again. They just dont know it yet.

Tomorrow is My Birthday. I have disguised it as a international women´s day because I don´t really like celebrations. And of course I prefer giving over receiving. But those who will fail to remember my birthday will suffer eternally. I bought myself a gift also: two bottles of Tsingtao beer. Unluckily I don´t have an opener. Luckily I have bribed servants.

Tomorrow I will also go and see a movie. Last time I witnessed a scene where a girl was using her boyfriend as a slave to go and pick up popcorns for her in the middle of a movie. Someone just don´t get it. Being a man means that you are free from women´s naiive illusions of equality. Shame on you! Next time I hope this poor reflexion of a man will go movies with her father or a boyfriend. Or buys beer instead of popcorns.  

Mind the Cap - I just bought two new ones. 

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