Dec 28, 2010


D-day. It has begun. 
Good morning, or should I say Good mourning. It´s time of deep grief. Will Finland comprehend the loss of me? Honestly, I don´t know.
Friends and foes, comrades and fellow countrymen,
I have a dream. Or at least I had one. But in Hong Kong I can´t run naked and chase buses, so that´s that. Or actually I can, if I don´t get caught. So yes, I still have a dream.
Today I will start my journey officially. I have 60 litres of space iin my rucksack which is not alot. At least not enough for my money, because I will bring all my savings with me. 75 kilos of gold. Hopefully it is applicable currency there. I had to left behind things like:
1. neighbours dog called Elvis
2. collection of ice-hockey cards (including few rarities of Wayne Gretzky)
3. three used longjohns ( I had them washed just in case)
4. electric kettle (they have different electric current there)
5. chinaware (sadly)
6. typewriter (now I have to write sequels to my famous novels without it)
7. a book of Paavo Lipponen (famous finnish peacemaker)
8. statue of Mannerheim (famous finnish freedom fighter)
Now I know how it feels like to go to war. Of course I´m going on holiday but the feeling is the same: excited and waiting. I have received lot´s of fanmail from all over the world and it has helped me to focus on the right things. Final days are always tricky. I have drinked lot of water and beer to ease the affects of probable jetlag. I have met friends and we have cried together elegantly. Tarja Halonen sent me a letter with a picture of her to put in my wallet. I sent her a tuft of my hair. It was a fare exchange. Obama tried to call me but I was busy ironing my silk underwear.
Sad that I have to travel in economy class. Do they even have seats there or do I have to stand the whole 18 hours? I can´t wait to change the course of history. Finland has appointed me this great mission, with the silent approval of Nato and EU. Today I can be seen in Helsinki-Vantaa airport where I´m set to meet the press. Flight leaves 1710 local time. Ready, steady, GO!

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