Dec 30, 2010

Handsome man, that´s me

I arrived in Hong Kong on wednesday around fivish by plane which passed presidential
demands with ease. Now I know who to trust in the future when it comes to airline transportations. NEW ZEALAND AIRLINES.
Huge respect. I had my own tv-screen and at least three Leonardo Dicaprio films for me to pick to my amusement.
Unsuprisingly I had seen them all so a movie in which Annette Bening and Julianne Moore were playing lesbian couple with two children was the choice for the ride of my LIFE.
I also saw a movie with Angelina Jolie but it was all about her lips, nothing else fitted into the 10x6 cm screen. With those lips I bet Brad get´s some fine action at home.

Food was excellent and had variety. Two warm meal options. Doesn´t happen with Finnair. And the other was lamb! Mistake was to serve free wine to customers like me. We don´t drink alcohol as you know.
Us Finns are correct and well behaving people. So I had to pass and order Jallu instead. Pretty flight attendant thought that I was hitting her and gave me only water with icy look. Australians on the other were quite an embarrasment. They drank like Swedes: too little and too slowly.

After 12 hours of total fulfilment of airpleasures it was time to meet my tutors, Sunnie and Natalie. Huge respect. And they thought that taste of finnish chocolate was something memorable. I bet it was.
People here are small but delightfully open and willing to assist. For a finn with perfect sense and skill of english language it is easy to cope and make new acquintancies.
For the people of Hong Kong I have been quite a sight, big and tall with muscles like Hercules. Hopefully they can handle all the hassle around my citizenship. We will find out, eventually.

Today I went to buy some sheets for my bed. I bought accidentally only one duvet cover but it´s okay. I can sleep with my roommate who I call "ghost" because he is never physically present but everytime when I leave the room, someone has visited the flat and left the door open. Ghost is a man. That´s all i know. I think he is also a human, or a Korean.
Yesterday Sunnie and Natalie bought me food from local joint. Octopus and tofu and stuff. Interesting flavour. Shark soup was by the way also an experience. Little bit different fish than salmon. The soup I had to buy from my own pocket.

Weather is poor, only 21 grader plus. One thing I have learned is that here you have to wait. You have to wait in order to get to a cafe, a bus or a toilet. Waiting is something that you have to get used to. Normally I just use my elbows and look ugly.
It has helped to get some benefits.

Hey and I also got my studentcard in which I look like Hannibal Lecter´s missing son. Now I can get to a library where I can practice science. Heureka.

Till next time,

"handsome man" (chinese translation missing)    

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  1. HAHA!!And thought that taste of finnish candy was something more memorable.

    "handsome man" → 靚仔