Dec 16, 2010

It´s getting near

I have created myself. This blog is a place where you can follow my journies and read how the world has treated me. Twelve days till departure.

Packing is still in progress. No difficulties there.
Visa. Done.
Toothbrush. Purchased.
Notebook. Lost already.
Money. Stolen.
Clothes. No need to have one. It´s warm in Hong Kong.
Passport. Forged.
Shoes. Yes, I have shoes.
Finnish items. Something from the airport.

I think the people of Hong Kong is expecting me. Red carpet has been planted for my arrival; applaudes and chearing hurrays! Now I know how Jesus must have felt. Or some other longbearded celebrity with a wooden stick. I was already getting tired of these Finnish journalists. Media did not treat me well here. I deserved more. They did not even give me my own TV-show. Hopefully I can achieve something stor (like the Swedes say)  in Hong Kong, like the precidency or Nobel-prize. Or I have to go to Taiwan or to Estonia. There anything is possible.

Hope the Asians have a better understanding for big personalities and those with secret gnosis of the world. I greet you with respect and friendliness. You can call me the Finnish ambassador of peace and love. I know about reindeers and Russia because we are neighbours. Also I know something about trees too. We have many trees in Finland. And lakes. But who wants to talk about lakes anyway.

We will see you soon My Hong Kongian friends. Don´t know how to use the sticks yet. So soup would be fine, thanks.

Tuomas (but You can call me Mr. Finland)


  1. Testicals, testicals.. toimiiko tekniikka?

  2. Eka postaus ja mopo on nätisti ojassa. Ei muuta ku bon voyage Nipa!

  3. Hong Kong is applying to be under your beneficial and tender rule. Olkoon Nipa armollinen!