Dec 21, 2010


Hello friends and supporters!

Hope you all remembered my NameDay. It´s a big day in Finland because Tuomas brings Christmas. Without me there would not be any Christmas, at least a good one, according to finns. So who needs Santa anyway. Bring out Tuomas. Any one will do. But he has to be Tuomas. Not Jukka or Vilhelmi or Paavo.

Okay, one week still ahead in Finland, and then I have to fly to Hong Kong. Luckily there is a huge blizzard in all over Europe, so I can come by bus. If I leave now I can make it within four weeks, just in time for the New Year, according to Chinese calendar. Who needs orientation anyway. And it´s in any case better to come by bus cause I don´t trust other airline companies except Finnair and my ticket is bought from some other casino. With Finnair I can enjoy cold meals and company of finnish bozos who are already totally wasted when boarding. Women over fifty serving three Euro dietcoke and wine with hardly any flavour are all  making my experience more comfy and worth my money. And of course I can pay more when travelling with white-blue wings. It´s all about the image as you know. And the feeling of ordering orange juice or asking for a blanket with your own mother language. Priceless.

I tried to eat with sticks yesterday. It feels like I have been eating with sticks all my life. It is not so difficult to keep one stick in left and the other in right and eat using them both. It is all about concentration and attitude. You can´t hassle or it will be header. At first I thought supporting only hamburgers and other western delicaties but now I´m thinking otherwise. So who needs fork and knife anyway. I still have my Swiss made knife tool (What the hell is Linkkuveitsi in english??)  with me if emergency occurs. If I go to the jungle I will need it in any case.

Yes. But now my morning coffee. I have to get used to the idea that they only drink tea in Asia. So one week left with my caring and black friend. Of course, Pauligs. (sorry, a finnish joke that was)



  1. Toivottavasti taso paranee pian!

  2. With that devotion, you're gonna master the one-chopstick-eating technique in no time!

  3. Congratulations for the job! So which Hong Kong employed you? Lahti? Espoo?

  4. Swiss army knife, Tuomaa. Jos se on se alkuperänen.