Jan 11, 2011

Eating unknown

Dear Fiends and Friends, 

Some locals are living in opinion that Hong Kong is dull city with only little to see and do except shopping. It it the only supportable thing what you can do with your clothes on. These people havent apparently left their homes too often. Or they havent visited places like Finland or Estonia. Once you have seen these forsaken cemetaries you begin to understand why only so few live there.
Or maybe it it because of low birthrate and bad immigration policy. Any way, in my opinion, HK (Hong Kong for friends) has proven its quality.

Firstly, you can purchase stolen goods from every corner and it won´t even cost you too much, if not ripped off. I bought a camera bag for 11 dollars (1 euro) and was close to bargain some more.
Secondly, Hong Kong people love to spend money on everything. They are even spending on my behalf, so I can concentrate on making some hard science. Thirdly, you don´t have to take off your cap while eating (sign of sophistication I would say). And finally you can get aplodes when going to a class. How respected is that (though it only happens in the beginning of first lesson. And for Brits only).

I was today in Bruce Lee´s grave (or statue actually) and nearly got an orgasm, which does not happen so often. But in Hong Kong you can do a pilgrim in almost every target if you wish, even in McDonalds. Actually I also visited this local rival of Hesburger (finnish brand) on friday evening. Only ate three doublecheesies for the cost of 3, 2 dollars (3 euros), remorseless cheating! How dare they? In Temple Street Market you can find almost everything from dildos to Mao´s small red book.
My friend bought Mao´s book in german, don´t ask me what he shall do with it. At least everyone knows for what purposes dildos are used. In Austria even this can be thought differently, though.
If you ask me what did i buy then, i bought women. On my wall. So I can wake up everyday seeing the loving stare of a woman. Audrey Hepburn that is.

We have a cantine in our campus. Though I have to admit that everybody does not think so highly of it. Food is basic but doesn´t produce any extra excitement for us true culinarists. Today I had for lunch such kind of cuisine that even my critical taste was satisfied. Every good meal should be assembled so that there is at least 70 % of the ingredients unidentified. So if the meal is rice plus something, outcome is that rice is rice and the other part is unknown until swallowed. The food is perfect if not even then eater is not able to recognize what he just ate.

But in a way it is true that Hong Kong will remain always only a city among others. As dear songwriter has sharply said:

Everything you do
has been done before
Everything you see,
has already been seen
Everything you touch
Has been touched with many hands
But not with your eyes, not with your hands
But not within you
Until it is done by you

So Hong Kong is there to be enjoyed. By Me. And by You.

Now I have to gallop to toilet. BB.

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