Jan 6, 2011

Plays and sports

So, good day to you all.

These questions have been puzzling me constantly throughout the week:

1. Why is there emergency buttons all over campus area?

Especially buttons situated in showers and near urinals are raising questions.
Could someone really be at risk of drowning in his own piss or having an allergic reaction while jurking off in the shower?
Even brushing your teeth can be risky as you may choke yourself.  

2. Would Bruce Lee beat Chackie Chan in one-to-one combat?

I got the answer in our Hong Kong Culture and History class where our tutor told that Jackie has some problems with alcohol and he haven´t been such a good parent.
But if Bruce would have had to fight against Darth Vader, would fight be even because as we all know Vader drank only motoroil and he was the best father there is.

3. Why are monkeys so hostile here?

During my visit in the temple of 10.000 (exact number) of Buddhas I encountered a horde of angry monkeys. They were after my earrings. They had a leader who acted bravely but after I have gave him (her?)
a glaze he realised that I was not the guy to fuck with. Next time I will bring with me some Dutch people and fed to these vicious hairy creatures. Or maybe they don´t eat creatures looking much alike.    

4. Why is there not any water in campus indoor swimming pool?

Sorry, there is actually. At least 15 cm. So I can swim there as much as in my coffee mug. Good they have guards there though, some one can drown if not careful.

5. Why cannot I go to gym without official instruction lesson which is held like 26.1?

Really they are giving the others chances to get even within these upcoming weeks. Until then I will do some dancing and aerobic practices. You can play also woodball, though it is sensitive for injuries.  

I had finally taste of Shakespeare and...
This is a conversation between me and a beautiful woman from my newest play:

T: O thou sight of heavens, who coveth my cloudy skies with blush of roses,
shall I encompany thee to my forbode coves where dolphins not cry frozen tears but tears of eternal bliss.
Thou shall not be afeared.

W: Thou makest my day Blithe. Where ever camest thou my dearest, I be filled with satisfaction.
If thou dost long for my love, I shall give it to thee but not with out conditions.

T: What will you me to deliver thee?

W: Bring me a pair of stockings from the market.
If thou canst find what I ask of thee, shall I not leave thou unsatisfied.    

T: He who trieth to stop me shall be demolished. A great mission of heartly delights derives me.
My fain princess, soon I shall return with golden wagons and feel thou again in my muscular arms.

The End.

Im about to start writing my own plays. The first one is called "King Bear" which tells a story of a bear disquised as woman. One man falls in love with the woman (bear) and finally realizes that they cannot have babies. Then he kills himself. It is a tragedy.

The second one is called "Plenty to do with clothing", which is like a comedy of three brothers who wonder around without any clothes. Finally they find a city where an old man sells them clothes and they become princes. In the end they all get married.

The third play carries name of "Romeo & Juliet and a pigfarmer." It is a tragic story of one pigfarmer who tries to sell pigs but in the end goes bankrupt. His life is asunder until Romeo comes in rescue. Romeo fells in love and Juliet kills herself in the pigsty. Then the pigfarmer thinks that Juliet is one of her pigs
and kills herself also because of strong empathic emotions. Finally Romeo finds out that both of her women have died and then he tries to kill himself but in the end is stopped by one of the pigs who turns out to be the missing king.
Now you can call me a man. I have bought myself a Bruce Lee T-shirt.


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  1. Tästä tulee kyllä jo Bertin päiväkirja mieleen :D "Kiitti hei, riitti sei"